Ethanol & Laughing Gas Breath Tester Terminal

An advanced solution for measuring breath alcohol and detecting nitrous oxide.

  • Reduce the risks associated with drunk driving and substance abuse.
  • Raising awareness of the dangers of consuming alcohol and psychoactive substances.

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The professional terminal for measuring alcohol levels and detecting nitrous oxide in exhaled air.

Our Ethanol & Laughing Gas Breath Tester Terminal is an innovative solution offering the ability to measure breath alcohol levels and detect the presence of nitrous oxide in exhaled air. Designed specifically to meet the needs of bars, nightclubs and other public venues such as stadium, reception halls and businesses,  this advanced technology ensures accurate and effective monitoring of people’s sobriety and safety.
With it, entertainment venues and companies can ensure a safer and more responsible environment, while promoting the health and well-being of their customers and staff.



Weight 20 kg
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