Recycled Mouthpieces

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Recycling your OCIGO mouthpieces.
Avoid waste and adopt a more responsible attitude by recycling your used mouthpieces.

OCIGO breathalyzer mouthpieces are made from biocompatible plastic. Thanks to our recycling program, you can take another step towards your CSR approach by avoiding waste and adopting a more environmentally-friendly behavior within your company.

How does it work?

You return the used mouthpieces to Olythe. On receipt, we send you a quotation based on the number of mouthpieces to be recycled. After your approval, we clean and sterilize the mouthpieces and return them to you individually packaged.

By recycling your mouthpieces, you’ll benefit from a price around 70% lower than that of new mouthpieces!

A minimum of 50 mouthpieces is required to benefit from the recycling program.

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