Calibration software for OCIGO

Our OCIGO breathalyzers are measuring instruments that must be checked at least once a year to ensure their accuracy and reliability. Calibration is a regulatory requirement that guarantees the quality and accuracy of breathalyzer measurements. It ensures that your breathalyzer is working correctly and accurately.

OCICal to verify and ajust OCIGO performances

OCICal is a software developed by Olythe and intended exclusively for the retailers and distributors of our OCIGO breathalyzers. It allows checking the good functioning of the OCIGO by controlling the drift of the measurements, in order to maintain their accuracy and reliability.

Calibrate with OCICal

The calibration process is very easy with OCICal. All you have to do is make a series of measurements using a breath alcohol simulation test bench and then report these measurements to the OCICal software. Based on the results, the software will guide you in deciding whether the device needs to be calibrated.

  • If the measurements are within the metrological tolerances , you can update the calibration date of the device.
  • If a measurement shows a drift, the software will allow you to readjust your device and update the calibration date.
  • Finally, if several measurements show too much drift, the software will guide you to contact the Olythe technical service.

A training to qualify you to use OCICal

OCIGO is composed of a sensitive infrared optical sensor that must be handled with care. Therefore, we will train you in the calibration of OCIGO beforehand and provide you a certificate once the training has been completed. For this training, you will receive all the necessary equipment.

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