The professional online alcohol testing solution

A reliable, precise and easy way to make sure your teams are sober, thanks to unlimited testing and OCIGO’s long lasting battery life.


Online management plateform

Online professional alcohol monitoring solution. Manage secured and reliable user data in real-time.

Smart data reporting

  • Personalized data reports including complete test histories, for analysis and decision making.
  • Real-time secured results reporting and geolocation features.


  • Time, Date & Location-stamped Results Scheduled, Random and On-Demand Testing.

Trusted facial recognition

Each test is verified in the app by taking a photo while the user is testing with real-time transmission to the online management platform.

Fleet management professionals and high-risk industries

Real-time results reporting and geolocation features to prevent any risks.

Health professionals

Use a fast and easy-to-use monitoring solution for addiction and rehabilitation management programs.

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